Osbon Erecaid

    Osbon ErecAid ED Pump by Timm Medical

    • It's completely safe
    • Provides immediate results
    • Requires no surgery
    • It's drug-free
    • Has no serious side effects
    • It's easy to use

    The Osbon ErecAid Esteeem External Vacuum Therapy System is a treatment approved by the American Urological Association.

    Try the Osbon ErecAid Esteem to discover:

    • New combined pump and cylinder for one-hand operation
    • New sleek, angled shape for better, more comfortable grip
    • New contoured cylinder with finger grooves for easy transfer of tension ring
    • Easy to use Osbon ring loading applicator
    • Easy Action® ring applicator for one-touch placement of ring on cylinder
    • Toll-free help line
    • 5 year warranty
    • Proven success rate of over 90%
    • Osbon ErecAid External Vacuum Therapy System is easy to use

    How to use the ErecAid External Vacuum Therapy System:

    • 1Vacuum cylinder with tension ring is placed over penis
    • 2Pump removes air from cylinder, which causes penis to become erect.
    • 3Tension ring is slid to base of penis to maintain erection; cylinder is removed.

    What Owners are saying about the Osbon ErecAid!

    It's simple- a healthy alternative, non-invasive, non-humiliating and effective... You get immediate results."
    • St. Paul, MN
    Cause: Venous Leak
    There's no reason to give up. It's amazing in what it can do. It works for the myriad of vascular disorders of the diabetic."
    • Smithville, TX
    Cause of impotence: Diabetes
    In a sense, it allowed us to renew our wedding vows. ErecAid works every time... much better than the shots and pills I had tried."
    • Mesa, AZ
    Cause: Hardening of the arteries, radiation for prostate cancer, and stroke
    ErecAid was a solution to that terrible fear of not being able to perform. It's dependable... it gives you confidence and lets you be a man again."
    • Gainsville, FL
    Cause: Hypertension medication

    Where do I get one?

    You can purchse them from our company site HERE.

    If your would like to talk to one of our reps you call us at 1-877-822-2719 or Fill out the form at the right of the page and we will get in contact with you.

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