Osbon Erecaid

Osbon ErecAid ED Pump by Timm Medical

  • It's completely safe
  • Provides immediate results
  • Requires no surgery
  • It's drug-free
  • Has no serious side effects
  • It's easy to use
  • It's affordable and often covered by Medicare and private insurance

The Osbon ErecAid Esteeem External Vacuum Therapy System is a treatment approved by the American Urological Association.

Try the Osbon ErecAid Esteem to discover:

  • New combined pump and cylinder for one-hand operation
  • New sleek, angled shape for better, more comfortable grip
  • New contoured cylinder with finger grooves for easy transfer of tension ring
  • Easy to use Osbon ring loading applicator
  • Easy Action® ring applicator for one-touch placement of ring on cylinder
  • Toll-free help line
  • 5 year warranty
  • Proven success rate of over 90%
  • Osbon ErecAid External Vacuum Therapy System is easy to use

How to use the ErecAid External Vacuum Therapy System:

  • Vacuum cylinder with tension ring is placed over penis
  • Pump removes air from cylinder, which causes penis to become erect.
  • Tension ring is slid to base of penis to maintain erection; cylinder is removed.

What Owners are saying about the Osbon ErecAid!

It's simple- a healthy alternative, non-invasive, non-humiliating and effective... You get immediate results."
• St. Paul, MN
Cause: Venous Leak
There's no reason to give up. It's amazing in what it can do. It works for the myriad of vascular disorders of the diabetic."
• Smithville, TX
Cause of impotence: Diabetes
In a sense, it allowed us to renew our wedding vows. ErecAid works every time... much better than the shots and pills I had tried."
• Mesa, AZ
Cause: Hardening of the arteries, radiation for prostate cancer, and stroke
ErecAid was a solution to that terrible fear of not being able to perform. It's dependable... it gives you confidence and lets you be a man again."
• Gainsville, FL
Cause: Hypertension medication

Medicare and most private insurances pay for the Osbon Erecaid Esteem vacuum erection devices. For people who try oral medications and don't have success, the vacuum erection device is an excellent alternative. To order, simply call us at 1-866-422-4866 or fill out the short form on the right and we will handle it from there


  • Manufacturer: Timm Medical Technologies
  • Operation: Manual
  • # of Rings: 4
  • Tube Size (L" x D"): 8.5 x 2

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