5 Things You May Not Know About OneTouch® Ultra2 Meters

1371abab3c4aabc3692f4afcfda574f7_LHave you been shopping around for a new blood glucose meter? If so, you’ve undoubtedly already realized that there are quite a few options to choose from. One of the popular ones is the OneTouch® Ultra2 Meter. Here’s a look that five things about the device that you may not know:

1 It’s Plasma-Calibrated

One of the first great things you should know about the meter is that it’s plasma-calibrated. Plasma-calibrated glucose meters differ from whole blood-calibrated devices in one key respect. They tend to give different results. The plasma-calibrated readings are typically more in line with the type of results that you’d get with a laboratory blood draw. Thus, by using a plasma-calibrated reading, you and your doctor will be better able to compare the results to your routine blood work-ups.

2 It Works in High Altitudes

Second, OneTouch® Ultra2 Meters are capable of providing accurate results at altitudes up to 10,000 feet. That’s important to know if you live in an area of high elevation or like to travel to places with high elevations. The reason why is that altitude, relative humidity and air temperature can all alter the accuracy of a person’s blood glucose meter. Over the years, information about that has been published in periodicals like the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology as well as Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics.

3 It will Give Readings in Tropical Climates

Third, the meter is also able to withstand high temperatures and relative humidity levels. For example, according to the manufacturer’s user manual, the blood glucose meter will continue to work effectively in environments with temperatures up to 111 degrees Fahrenheit and RH levels up to 90%. Given that, it makes the OneTouch® Ultra2 Meter ideal for use in some sub-tropic and tropical climates.

4 It Can Hold Up to 500 Test Results

Fourth, this particular meter can hold up to 500 control solution or blood glucose test results at a time. Understandably, that makes the device convenient for those that do not have the time or the other resources needed to download results into companion software on a daily or weekly basis.

5 It Has an Automatic Shutoff

Fifth and finally, the OneTouch® Ultra2 Meter has a very handy automatic shutoff feature which can help save on replacement battery costs. In addition, the cost of the meter and its corresponding batteries may be covered by your insurance plan.

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