Our Medicare Advantage team will:

  • Walk your clients through their coverage so they understand how to maximize the plan you helped them select.
  • Provide a smooth and easy transition from their old plan to their new plan by ensuring they have the supplies they need during the transition.
  • Set your client up for home delivery of supplies before their new coverage begins.
  • Contact clients on your behalf by referencing the referring agent’s name.
  • Avoid common retail pharmacy billing issues. Most Medicare Advantage plans cover diabetes testing supplies with $0 copays. We make sure supplies are properly billed through the plan.
  • Do the leg work with the insurance plan or prescriber if your client requires any replacement items.
  • Provide support and reference materials to actively writing agents—helping you better serve clients with diabetes in your area.
  • Provide exceptional customer service. We want you and your clients to have a personal, reliable resource for their diabetes supply needs.