Diabetes is a condition that millions of patients navigate daily, with many even being unaware of their situation. In the last fifty years, science has made some great discoveries in medication therapies that are improving the lives of patients suffering from this disease, most specifically with the invention of the continuous glucose monitor. Lifestyle changes and monitoring blood sugar continuously are two of the best thing’s patients can do to control blood sugar levels. The introduction of continuous glucose monitoring is one of the most significant achievements in the fight against diabetes thus far. GGMs (Continuous Glucose Monitors) are currently the latest technological tools available for people with diabetes to control their blood glucose levels.

Why Choose a Continuous Glucose Monitor?

If you have diabetes, you know how painful and frustrating using the traditional finger stick method can be. With a CGM, the patient can wear the sensors on their person, which continuously monitors blood glucose. If the patient needs a reading, he or she simply waves the transmitter over the sensor. A reading is provided instantaneously. The results are much more accurate; therefore, the patient can make more informed actions and choices regarding medications and other aspects of treatment.

Advantages of Using Continuous Glucose Monitors

  • More accurate
  • More reliable and convenient
  • Provide better control and management
  • Simple and easy to use, no control solutions
  • No daily pricks, no painful fingersticks, no strips, no needles and no blood
  • The gold standard of care in glucose monitoring

The CGM systems on the market might have a higher cost, but when you are managing a disease like diabetes, you absolutely want the best standard of care. If you are Medicare-eligible for these products, you may qualify to get a CGM and associated supplies covered.  If you are looking to switch to a Continuous Glucose Monitor, Advanced Diabetes Supply can help you make the best choice for your special needs. Here are some great continuous glucose monitors you to consider.

Freestyle Libre

The Freestyle Libre CGM requires no calibration. It takes a very short time to warm up with a sensor life that is good for fourteen days. The insertion of the sensor on the person is a single button press insertion system. The glucometer is built into the reader, with readings updated every minute and recorded every fifteen minutes. Even if you do not read the sensor right away, the information is stored for eight hours. Finally, this product is Medicare-approved, and features data upload software gives you and your medical provider the most up-to-date glucose data to keep you the healthiest you can be.

A few things that one should keep in mind with this product.  The Libre System does not provide real-time alerts if your glucose levels get too high or too low. There is also no option for sharing. The reader requires a full charge of around three hours after a week’s use. The manufacturer reports that the readings might be influenced by the intake of aspirin and/or Vitamin C. The benefits of the Freestyle Libre are more important than the possible issues involved. Though you do always need to wear the sensor, it is still very small and discreet.  The smart technology has a painless operation. You will see this monitor becoming a definite part of many diabetic patients’ lives.

Freestyle Libre 14 Day CGM System

Dexcom G6

The Dexcom G6 is also another great Medicare-approved CGM. Much like the Freestyle Libre, you can forget about the pain and hassle of finger sticks. With this monitor, you can look forward to a safer, more discreet and more accurate experience monitoring your blood glucose levels.

The one-button sensor inserter is a significant improvement over older models, as is the stronger accuracy without the need for finger stick calibrations. To improve the accuracy of the Dexcom G6, simple adjustments can be made for the most accurate blood glucose readings.  The sensor life is about ten days and this machine provides audio and vibration-based alerts, which are customizable according to the day or time. These alerts can be customized to fit a specific day or time, allowing patients to updated on their schedule.

The Tandem X2 pump is interoperable with the Dexcom G6, which is excellent for those who would like the services of an insulin pump. The monitor can send data to the pump, the phone app or a smart watch.

The Dexcom is a great machine, but we ask our patients and providers to note is that the transmitter requires a change every three months or so. Advanced Diabetes Supply takes care of this refill automatically. In the case of a lost, damaged or defective product, we will do our best to work with you and the Dexcom manufacturer to make sure the cost is not forwarded to you. Dexcom G6 is a great technology with a slim profile that makes it convenient and user-friendly.

Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitor


This unique CGM has several advantages. The Eversense sensor life is one of the longest in the industry, with an impressive 90-day span. This long lifespan gives the wearer peace of mind, decreasing worries over frequently changing the sensor.

Moreover, there’s a choice of audio and/or vibration alerts that are also compatible with a smartphone app. Even if the phone is out of range, the transmitter will vibrate when there’s an alert.

Real-time alerts for this CGM deal with high and low rates of change, even the predictive low changes. Acetaminophen usage does not influence readings, which is another convenient feature.

The data is shareable in real-time, making it a great addition to your smart devices. You can remove and replace the transmitter without changing the sensor. This makes it a simplified process that gives the patient more independence.

This CGM does require an incision from a physician to insert or remove the sensor and there’s a 24-hour period for warm-up. You must also calibrate the device twice a day and charge the transmitter once or twice a day. There’s no Medicare approval yet because Eversense is the latest technology. The manufacturer has great starter programs like BRIDGE that we can facilitate if you are interested in this product.

Eversense Continuous Glucose Monitor

Continuous Glucose Monitoring With Insulin Pumps

A continuous glucose monitor can work in conjunction with insulin pumps, which is a way of adjusting or pausing insulin delivery according to any changes in a patient’s glucose level. You also have the option of using a combination CGM with an insulin pump. The cost of insulin pump supplies should be considered but the convenience and accuracy are unmatched when compared with the SMBG method.

Be the Healthiest You

Advanced Diabetes Supply is a company that cares. It shows in everything we do; from the services we provide to the professionals that we employ. We are dedicated to serving our patients and clients with products, services and a team of healthcare professionals that specialize in diabetes care. We want to see our patients be the healthiest they can be, and our clients be fully supported in diabetes care and management. Our customers trust us because we work diligently to provide the very best care with honesty and integrity.  Not only do we have Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE) on staff, we also have pharmacists that specialize in diabetes with additional credentials as CDEs. The knowledge and experience of our certified professionals is unsurpassed.

Our Diabetes Professionals

  • Our Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE) strive to provide education that empowers our patients to make informed and personalized choices. Our CDE program seeks to help patients properly manage their health with a variety of tools that can be tailored to fit their needs. Our program is built on the idea that patients should be equipped to make choices that improve his/her life.
  • Our pharmacists have certifications in diabetes education that differentiate them from other pharmacists. They have niche expertise and provide better care to patients who have diabetes. They are trained to advise and support your healthcare team if needed. They can be involved in interventions such as patient education, drug therapy monitoring, medication therapy management, A1C management, CGM counseling, nutrition and many other skills that have positive impacts on patient care. We believe that the collaboration between patients, diabetes educators, diabetes pharmacists, and physicians yield positive clinical quality and outcomes. We strive to work as part of every patient’s health care team, engaging in shared decision-making. We want to see you be the healthiest you.

Customer Care Team & Exceptional Customer Service

Advanced Diabetes Supply is a trusted leader in diabetes care. We set the standard in customer care with over 200 dedicated professionals, located in Southern California, who are ready to help you with your diabetes testing supplies. Our customer care teams uphold integrity and honesty as hallmarks of our core values. This commitment to excellence also extends to maintaining rigorous accreditation standards. ADS strives to provide the best service to our patients with our time and our knowledge. We are your advocates working diligently to ensure that you receive the very best care and service.

Continuous Glucose Monitor Delivery & Management

Advanced Diabetes Supply offers products to fit individualized care needs, include diabetes testing supplies, insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors.  CGMs are the gold standard of glucose monitoring, which means less blood, no finger sticks and instant, real-time readings. ADS will gladly provide free home delivery to meet our patients wherever they may be. We also offer refills and CGM maintenance, so our patients don’t experience gaps in their care. We adhere to policies and procedures that safeguard patient information and comply with industry-specific safety standards that put our patients first.

We Are Your Solution To Diabetes Care

Advanced Diabetes Supply provides the very best products and services. We offer more than just diabetic supplies. Our fantastic customer care and full suite of diabetic management and healthy lifestyle tools will help you become the healthiest you. Think of us as a member of your healthcare team!

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