Diabetes And Air Travel

If you are a person with diabetes, there are a few things you should know about traveling on commercial airlines.

The Federal Aviation Administration, in an effort to make US air travel more secure, has implemented new measures that impact anyone who must travel by air with insulin and syringes. The following guidelines were issued in October, 2001:

  • Passengers may board with insulin and syringes only if they can produce a vial of insulin with a professional, pharmaceutical pre-printed label;
  • Lancets for testing blood glucose levels are allowed as long as they are capped and brought on board with a glucose meter that has the manufacturer’s name embossed on the meter;
  • Because of forgery concerns, prescriptions and letters of medical necessity will no longer be accepted;
  • FAA security measures apply to travel within the United States only. For international flights, consult with the airline.

The FAA and the American Diabetes Association are strongly urging each passenger with diabetes to call their airline carrier at least one day in advance to confirm current policy, which may vary from airline to airline. For further information from the FAA, call 1-866-289-9673.

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