Diabetes And Your Kidneys

Your kidneys play an important role in staying healthy. They act as filters to clean your blood. When you have diabetes, there are many things you can do to prevent or slow down kidney damage, which can be the result of high glucose (sugar) levels in your blood.

First, ask your doctor what blood glucose numbers are healthy for you. With that information, you can keep your blood sugar as close to normal through your prescribed treatment plan.

Second, keep your blood pressure below 130/80. That will help prevent kidney damage. It will also slow damage to your heart, eyes, and blood vessels.

Third, have your doctor or dietitian draw up a healthy eating plan for you, and then follow it.

Fourth, have your doctor check your kidneys at least once a year, and have any kidney tests he or she thinks you might need.

Fifth, see your doctor right away if you think you may have a bladder or kidney infection.

Your doctor may prescribe an ACE inhibitor, which is a medicine that helps control blood pressure and prevents your kidneys from filtering out too much protein. Protein, also called albumin (al-BYOO-min), in large amounts is very damaging to the kidneys.

When people with diabetes first begin to have kidney problems, they have no symptoms.

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