Diabetes Lancets Troubleshooting and General C

For those who have diabetes, lancets are a way of life. Individuals who may be shy about drawing blood initially eventually realize the process is life saving and learn to complete the process alone. When a lancet or lancing device is cared for properly, there is very little that can go wrong.

The Difference Between a Lancet and a Lancing Device

A lancet is for one time use. If a single lancet is used repeatedly, the needle will become dull and will hurt. A lancing device includes a lancet which needs to be changed daily, but does not need to be changed after every use. Diabetics who test more than once a day prefer lancing devices.

General Care of a Lancet or Lancing Device

New diabetics may not understand how to care for a lancet or lancing device. If a lancet is used, it needs to be disposed of correctly to avoid harm to others. Diabetics need to speak with their doctors and pharmacists to learn about lancet disposal in their specific areas.

The lancing device can be cleaned with a cloth and light water to the surface of the device. Most devices come with an eject button for the needle, which needs to be disposed of in the same manner of the lancet. The equipment is rather simple and does not require a great deal of care. A pharmacist can help a user reload the lancing device with new needles when necessary.

Keep the needle clean at all times. Do not open a new lancet until it is time to use it and keep the lancing device in a clean, sanitary container. It is important to avoid infections from a dirty lancet.

Troubleshooting the Lancing Device

Lancing devices rarely have troubles, but if they do, it helps to know how to fix the issue. Make sure the lancing device has not already been triggered. If it has, you will need to attempt to eject the needle and start over. In rare cases, the needle will get stuck inside the lancing device. As there are different lancing manufacturers, the specific manufacturer will need to be contacted for help with this issue. Never try to reach into a lancing device with your finger or any other instrument – avoid injuring yourself.

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