Diabetes Testing Supplies: A Look at Hypoglycemia Sleep Alarms

e1ef6b1511175103949b82a229ea0710_LFor many individuals, night sweats are a common occurrence. Depending on the individual, the incidents could be caused by any number of things, including hypoglycemia. The good news is there are devices and diabetes testing supplies that diabetics may use to help get their night sweats under control.

Hypoglycemia sleep alarms are one type of device that diabetics may find useful. They are manufactured by an array of firms, including Giant Biosensor. The Giant Biosensor model is battery operated and can function properly in areas of high relative humidity and fluctuating temperatures.

Designed to be worn on the body like a wrist watch, it will keep track of the wearer’s skin temperature and perspiration. If the device detects a noticeable change in either, it will emit either an auditory or vibrating alarm. The ideal behind the alarm is that it will wake the person up so he or she can take action.

Once awake, it is important for the person to use his or her diabetes testing supplies straightaway. Otherwise, the person may lose consciousness or have a seizure. The level of danger involved all depends on whether or not the sweating is due to a drop in blood sugar or something else.

If the diabetes testing supplies used by the person indicates that moderate to severe hypoglycemia is to blame, glucagon or another form of medication will generally need to be administered. In most instances, glucagon prescriptions and administration information are available through a primary care physician or diabetes specialist.

Many primary care physicians and diabetes specialists may also encourage those suffering from frequent night sweats to keep a journal. The journal may prove helpful on several levels. For example, it could help identify factors contributing to the person’s episodes of night sweats and improve his or her diabetes management in general.

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