For years, many Americans have lived with the misguided notion that it is better to eat a series of small meals each day as opposed to three large ones. In May 2014, more information was released that further disproves the age-old myth. Only this time, the researchers involved looked directly at the relationship between meal frequency and diabetes.

The study, which was published by the magazine Diabetologia, indicated that opting to consume just two, appropriately sized meals a day may be best for some diabetics. The two meals that the researchers are now recommending be considered by diabetics are breakfast and lunch. They feel that adopting such a routine may make diabetes management, at least for those diagnosed with type 2, much easier and more effective.

What the researchers did not provide was a list of recommended foods or recipes. For that, diabetics should consider speaking with members of their healthcare team. There are also a series of breakfast and lunch meal ideas for diabetics available online. One good resource is the American Diabetes Association. They have a list of speedy-to-prepare breakfast and lunch ideas that all diabetics may find helpful. Highly recommended foods that span both categories are whole fruits, canned fruits, whole grains, skim milk, eggs and light yogurt.

Of course study aside, the use of diabetes testing supplies, frequent exercise and maintaining contact with one’s primary care physician are still widely advised by today’s experts. The list of approved, contemporary diabetes testing supplies includes glucose meters, lancets, control solution and more. All of which may be delivered right to a type 2 or type 1 diabetic’s door on a routine basis.

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