Diabetes Testing Supplies and Vitamin D: The New One-Two Punch?

On Monday, October 21, 2013, the National Institutes of Health made an announcement that diabetes sufferers may find interesting. Based on their declaration, it appears that the institute is prepared to fund a nationwide, diabetes related, clinical trial of epic proportions. As it stands now, the researchers are hoping to include adults age 30 or older in the upcoming clinical trials.

The study is being undertaken to determine what impact, if any, vitamin D will have on the development and progression of type 2 diabetes. It isn’t the first time that healthcare professionals have considered vitamin D’s role in diabetes prevention. What exactly did those earlier studies reveal? Essentially, they indicated that the vitamin may be capable of influencing a person’s insulin resistance level. Insulin resistance levels, as you may already know, are indicators of a person’s type 2 diabetes risk.

However, those former studies were not generally conducted on such a large scale. So researchers are hopeful that this latest go round will either bolster or put to rest previous assumptions about the vitamin’s impact on the disease. The vitamin’s overall health benefits, on the other hand, are not presently in dispute. It has long been generally accepted that it has the ability to aid in key functions related to musculoskeletal health.

Thus, depending on what the new clinical trials reveal, vitamin D may soon be paired with diabetes testing supplies as part of a one-two punch approach to eradicating the disease. The study is expected to play out over the course of several years. As such, diabetes patients and their healthcare providers should not expect to hear of any results for a while. Those that would like to follow the researchers’ progress or participate in the study may want to periodically visit the government based website dedicated to the clinical trial.

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