How To Use Control Solution

It’s crucial for people with diabetes to possess accurate information about their blood sugar levels.  The typical method for regularly measuring blood glucose levels involves a glucose meter and test strips.  The individual testing their glucose will place a drop of blood on the test strip; this is a strip made of special paper and plastic infused with chemicals that react to the glucose in the blood sample.  The meter then reads the test strip and gives a measurement of blood glucose levels.

If there’s something wrong with the meter or test strips, the diabetic individual will receive inaccurate blood glucose readings.  A control solution is necessary to gauge the accuracy of the test strip and meter.

The diabetic control solution is a chemical solution resembling sugar water.  Because the solution contains glucose, when it’s placed on a test strip, the strip will react to it and the meter will take a reading.

The way to use control solution is similar to how people use their blood drops with the test strip and meter.  In general, you put the strip in the meter, place a drop of control solution on your finger, and then apply the solution to the strip with your finger, as you would apply a drop of blood.

After you take this step, you need to see what reading the meter gives you.  If the test strip and meter are functioning properly, the reading should fall within a certain range that’s usually specified as ‘normal’ for a particular brand of meter.  A reading outside of the normal range is a sign that the meter or its test strips are faulty and that further investigation is now required to determine the source of the problem.

Each control solution is made for a certain brand of glucose meter; it’s important not to create a mismatch between products and use the wrong kind of control solution for your accuracy test.  Furthermore, once a bottle of control solution is opened, it generally lasts in good quality for a few months; beyond that, it will be necessary to obtain a fresher control solution.

When do people use a control solution? Whenever an individual first uses a meter, it’s important to do a test with control solution to ensure that the meter and its test strips are working properly.  Periodic accuracy tests can be conducted after that point as well, particularly if the meter starts giving suspicious readings or if the individual suspects that the meter or strips sustained damaged or deterioration of some kind.

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