Innovations in Retractable Lancing Devices: Invacare’s Bullseye™ Series

6577c6b0fbc4ba9ae61ff6583dc67c84_LWhen it comes to monitoring their health, many diabetics opt to choose retractable, single-use lancets because of the benefits involved. In general, such lancing devices reduce the person’s risk of falling victim to infectivity and experiencing great pain. They also tend to minimize the risk of reading errors and sustaining fingerpick injuries. One company that manufactures innovative lancing devices capable of providing those benefits to diabetics is Invacare.

Invacare’s Bullseye Safety Lancet Series features individually wrapped, ergonomically designed devices. Collectively, they are suitable for instances of low, normal and high flow. So the majority of diabetics are likely to find a retractable, single-use lancing device that they are comfortable with using.

Each one of the company’s pre-cocked lancing devices is outfitted with a tri-beveled needle or blade that’s capable of achieving a 2.2mm puncture depth. The low flow lancing device has a 25G diameter needle and is perfect for situations when blood flow is expected to be at 20-40µl. The next step up, obviously, is the normal flow lancing device. It can handle a blood flow range of 40-60µl and sports a 23G diameter needle. The high flow, on the other hand, has a 21G diameter blade and is suitable for blood flows up to 175µl.

The tri-bevel needles and blades are not the compact lancing devices only features worth mentioning. They also sport spring action mechanisms, lockable safety caps and color indicators. Together, they help to minimize the risks that we mentioned above and make routine, diabetes care related tasks go much smoother. For example, using and disposing of the lancing devices is matter of four steps. The safety cap gets removed and the patient deploys the single-use lancet. One’s that done, the safety cap gets locked back into place and the entire lancing device may be disposed of accordingly.

For more information about Invacare Bullseye Safety Lancets™ and other lancing devices that can help diabetics manage their condition, please contact us toll-free at (866) 422-4866 FREE. We carry a variety of lancing devices, including the ones that we’ve just mentioned.

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