ADS Medicare Advantage.

Protect Your Book Of Business

Our unique agent support program will help protect your book of business.  Sending members over as soon as you sign them up for the new plan is critical.

Oftentimes, clients are charged copays in error because diabetes supplies are a confusing item to bill.  This may lead to member complaints and even worse, cancellations of the plan.  Our Agent Support Program has been proven to prevent this from happening to your clients living with diabetes.

Sending new members over before the new insurance begins will help solidify the sale as well as ensure a smooth and easy transition into the new plan.

We appreciate how hard you work throughout the year, especially during AEP.  Be sure to take full advantage of the value-add service that we provide for you here at Advanced Diabetes Supply.

Refer Clients Securely With Confidence

We have designed a seamless process for you to easily take advantage of our unique agent support program for your diabetes clients.  Send them over as soon as you sign them up – before the plan starts and we will take care of everything.  We immediately order the prescription and get everything set up and ready to go for home delivery.

To quickly recap: our goal is to ensure a smooth and easy transition into the new plan which will in turn help support and ensure retention.

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