New FDA Approved Mobile Blood Glucose Monitor

Blood glucose monitors are finally getting the the technological advancement that they have been waiting for. With an estimated 26 million diabetics in just the United States alone (and perhaps over a hundred million worldwide), monitoring glucose levels through a modern tech-convenience, instead of tracking data through handwritten booklets or uploading manually to a computer, has needed to take a turn to the positive for a long time.

Which is why recent news that the FDA has approved the use of a Bluetooth-enabled blood glucose monitor through iHealth Lab is just what the doctor ordered.


The device will sync to the patients Android or iOS device through a cloud-enabled system and will give them the ability to track measurements and send the data to their doctor or healthcare provider as needed.

“It’s really hard to make products that are serious in nature yet approachable, with an intimate attachment,” says Adam Lin, president of iHealth Lab. Going on to say that during testing, many patients reactions were unexpected and a pleasant surprise to the Mountain View, California company

“some of the reactions we got from some patients [were], ‘Yeah, I love this thing,’ and it’s hard to get that with a medical device. How do you love your glucose monitor?”

The small, slick device that is sure to change the way diabetics test and store their data, runs about $80 and is available on iHealth Lab’s website as well as at Best Buy. It comes with 50 test strips and requires little set up. Just plug it in, download the companion application (iHealth Gluco-Smart App) and the new device is up and running in minutes. It also comes with a carrying case with multiple compartments for easy storage and easy convenience.

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