OneTouch Ultra2 Meter Is Fast, Gentle, Convenient, And Accurate.

Diabetes testing supplies have certainly come a long way. The blood glucose meters of today are much less painful, much more accurate, and much faster than ever before. The OneTouch Ultra2 meter from LifeScan is just such an example of a product to help people with diabetes control their blood sugar better than ever before.

The OneTouch Ultra2 does even more than simply provide accurate glucose readings every time. This meter actually will assist you in making meal choices, spot trends, and easily upload and share information with your physician. The makers of this device are so dedicated to providing you with the best information possible to better manage your diabetes that they also went the extra mile by including something called “Simple Start”, a 20-minute DVD and booklet that will show you how to make simple adjustments in your daily routine, so you can still enjoy the foods you love.

The OneTouch Ultra2 is just about as painless as diabetes testing today gets; only a small speck of blood is required for a very accurate reading every time. It is also fast, featuring a 5 second response time. Other features include: a 500 test memory bank, before and after meal markers to assist in spotting trends, a large and very readable screen, multiple choices for seeing glucose level averages over a longer period of time, and the device is easily downloaded to help you discuss your diabetes management with your treating physician.

In conclusion, if you want a high quality meter that is fast, gentle, convenient, and accurate, you can’t go wrong with the OneTouch Ultra2 from LifeScan.

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