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I have a Medicare replacement plan, do I qualify for your program?

We accept most Medicare replacement plans. Please call to verify that your specific plan in accepted.

Can the Insuflon be worn while swimming?

Yes. Insuflon has a self-sealing membrane inside the port that prevents water from seeping in.

Does the Insuflon port need to be sterilized before each use?

No. The added ingredients in insulin prevent bacteria from growing.

How often should the Insuflon be replaced?

It should be replaced every 3 days.

What gauge is the introducer needle?

27 gauge.

Can different insulins be used with Insuflon?

Yes — as long as the insulin manufacturers’ instructions allow their short acting and long acting insulin types to be mixed, there are no problems of injecting different insulin types through Insuflon.

Can Insuflon be used with insulin pens?

Yes. Insuflon is ideal for injection of insulin using an insulin pen as well as a syringe.

Do I need any additional adhesive for Insuflon than supplied?

The adhesive supplied is made of hypoallergenic cotton. This keeps Insuflon safe in place even during physical or water activities.

Is Advanced Diabetes Supply Accredited?

Yes, we became accredited in 2007 to prepare for Medicare Competitive Bidding. We are DMEPOS accredited by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) as well as URAC (Utilization Review Accreditation Commission) accredited.

How secure are the shipments packaged?

Our packaging techniques ensure your supplies are correct and arrive safely to your door. We also respect your privacy and deliver all products with discreet packaging.

How often does Medicare pay for a new lancing device?

Medicare will pay for a new lancing device every 6 months.

How reliable are your shipments?

ADS uses United Parcel Service (UPS) for shipping in the domestic United States. UPS’s state of the art shipping system allows us to track each package we ship.

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