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Insuflon Indwelling Catheters by Unomedical

Insuflon Catheters are a great addition to any diabetic’s day bag.

Insuflon™ is a unique catheter system used for multiple daily injection therapy for insulin dependent people with diabetes.

Insuflon Indwelling Catheters by Unomedical

Insuflon™ indwelling catheter with a soft cannula can be very useful for this group of people, who would otherwise be reluctant to start up with multiple daily injections. Insuflon enables medication to be administered without repeated punctures of the skin, eliminating the pain and discomfort often associated with injections. Insuflon makes it easier for needle sensitive people to manage their diabetes.

Insuflon™ is highly recommendable for patients at the onset of a disease. Furthermore it is useful for patients who have tried frequent daily injections and found them to be very painful. With insulin, Insuflon™ can be used for up to three days in a row. This means that only one injection into the subcutaneous tissue is necessary every third day. For many people this is a tempting alternative to several injections every day which would otherwise be the option.

By virtually eliminating the needle pain associated with frequent daily injections, insuflon™ can increase therapy compliance for adults, children and even toddlers.

insuflon™ will thus improve many patient’s quality of life.

Features and Benefits of Insuflon:

  • Allows multiple subcutaneous injections without repeated punctures.
  • Minimizes pain associated with injections.
  • Comfortable to wear – making it easy to maintain an active lifestyle.
  • Flexible – the soft, Teflon catheter is all that remains in place after insertion, providing maximum comfort and ease of use.
  • Convenient – The device may remain in place for 3 days.
  • Discreet – The sleek design fits neatly under clothing.
  • Perfect for women with gestational diabetes and newly diagnosed insulin dependent diabetics.

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