Reasons the OneTouch Ultra2 Meter is great for the Holiday

When it comes to controlling diabetes over the holidays, there is one product that diabetics may find extremely valuable. It’s called the OneTouch® Ultra2 Meter. Here’s a brief rundown of what it does and why it’s the ideal companion for those that want to celebrate the holidays without worry:

The OneTouch® Ultra2 Meter is part of a broader system. The larger system is designed to help diabetics understand their bodies’ reaction to foods thereby allowing better control of one’s health. It comes with a glucose meter, carrying case, lancing device, an informative booklet and an educational DVD. A sterile lancet is also included. Extra test strips, control solutions and clear caps are not included and may be purchased separately.

The glucose meter’s features are what make it perfect for use during the holiday season. To begin with, it allows users to test, flag meals and enter personal comments before and after eating. That type of information can be helpful when it comes time to communicate with one’s doctor, plan holiday meals or decide what to eat during a special event.

In addition, the glucose meter automatically creates a record of the user’s testing dates, times and results. They can be helpful during the previously mentioned tasks as well. For example, let’s say that a male user is on a holiday vacation and tests his blood sugar before eating a turkey sandwich late in the evening. He could retest after the meal and gain a better understanding of how turkey sandwiches impact his blood sugar levels.

Later, he could download a record of his readings and forward them to his doctor or enter them into a diabetes management app for his personal use. Afterward, his doctor could contact him and suggest which changes may need to be made during the remainder of his holiday vacation.

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