Research Shows Women who eat Red Meat have a Higher Risk of Contracting Gestational Diabetes

b2ap3_thumbnail_diabetes_word_cloud_15312068A new commentary published in “BMJ’s Evidence-Based Nursing” reports that women who eat high amounts of red and processed meats have a higher-than-average risk of contracting gestational diabetes than other women do. This commentary was based upon information contained in several reports that have been conducted by researchers across the globe, some of which also claim that eating red meat leads to an increased risk of Type-2 diabetes as well.

Doctors have become increasingly aware of the link between eating red meat and the development of Type 2 diabetes for some time, but are just now becoming aware of its affect on pregnant women. Although there is a connection, scientists are still not sure as to the exact mechanisms that cause red meat consumption to pose an increased risk. As a result, more research is still needed in order to learn more.

This discovery is actually good news for women who plan to conceive, as it can help them reduce their odds of contracting gestational diabetes far in advance of becoming pregnant. Studies show that women who modify their diets either before or during pregnancy see their risk of developing gestational diabetes decrease significantly.

In order to reduce their risk, women who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant should substitute red meat for fish or poultry instead. They may also substitute red meat for other types of protein such as soy or nuts. According to the publication, eating half a serving of nuts per day can reduce the risk of gestational diabetes by 40%. Consuming more vegetables during pregnancy also helps to mitigate the risk as well.

Healthy eating along with exercise and weight control can reduce a woman’s odds of developing gestational diabetes. For more tips on managing diabetes, contact us.

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