With summer fast approaching, a person’s thoughts understandably start wandering towards pleasurable activities. After all, there are barbecues to plan and leisurely walks on the beach to enjoy. All of those activities are fine to focus on, just as long as you don’t neglect your type 1 diabetes testing routine. Here’s why:

As mentioned previously, the arrival of summer often brings with it a change in the way that we eat. People are more apt to enjoy outdoor events replete with tempting foods and beverages. This can pose a problem for type 1 diabetics that are not aware of their blood glucose levels. That’s because many of the traditional items found at such events can negatively impact those levels. Examples include deep fried funnel cake, fatty meats, sugar laden drinks and salad dressings high in saturated fats.

Consuming celebratory, seasonal foods and beverages is not the only activity that type 1 diabetics have to worry about. The intense summer heat can cause a myriad of health problems too. This is especially the case for those afflicted with diabetic neuropathy. It is typically managed, in part, with routine diabetes testing. Depending on the form, the condition may lead to dehydration and numbness of the extremities. They, in turn, could increase a diabetic’s risk of experiencing heat exhaustion, heat stroke and acute sunburns.

At this point, you may be wondering how to keep your type 1 diabetes testing routine on track. Well, contacting Advanced Diabetes Supply is a great way to start. As an accredited pharmacy with years of experience, we can provide you with an array of services. Among them is a diabetes supplies home delivery program that will help you to ensure that your type 1 diabetes testing supplies are always on hand. We also provide educational resources and assistance with insurance billing matters. To find out more about how Advanced Diabetes Supply can help you manage your summer testing routine, contact us online or call toll free 1-866-422-4866.