Talking Glucose Meter – A Handy Tool For Vision Impaired People With Diabetes

To keep your diabetes under control, you need to regularly monitor your blood glucose level using a blood glucose meter. Diabetes is the leading cause of new causes of blindness and kidney failure, according to American Diabetes Association. In 2008, 48,374 people with diabetes started treatment for end-stage kidney diseases in the United States. It is also found that risk for stroke is 2 to 4 times higher among people with diabetes.

voice_thumbWhen it comes to diabetes, there are no expectations. Even blind or visually impaired people with diabetes have to constantly monitor their blood glucose level. In the earlier days, vision impaired people with diabetes had to get assistance from family or friends to find out their glucose readings displayed on the glucose meter.  But now, thanks to talking glucose meter technology those that are visually impaired or blind people with diabetes have a handy tool to help them be more independent.

Talking blood glucose meters are available in different varieties. The standard variety has an audible test results feature to “speak” the glucose test results to the person taking the test.

Nowadays, you can find several types of talking blood glucose meters. Modern talking glucose meters have similar working principles but the features and size might vary. If you’re looking for a talking blood glucose monitor, you need to check out the features of a few of the latest models to pick the best one for your needs. When choosing a talking blood glucose meter, make sure the talking glucose meter has a clear audible voice. Another notable feature in audible meters is a “repeat test result” function. This feature is very high on the priority list for most people who are visually impaired testing their blood glucose because if you don’t hear the result you can easily repeat it again.

In most modern talking glucose meters the monitor turns on when the test strip is inserted and in other meters you need to manually turn on the meter. If the meter you choose is an audible meter that requires coding it might not be the right glucose meter for your needs. As modern meters differ a lot in features, you need to decide on your unique requirements before choosing a talking glucose meter.

Aside from its audible features, you must also check out some other important factors such size, ease of use and maintenance, cost, special features, display and operating temperature to pick the best one that suits your unique needs and fits within your budget. You can get a talking glucose meter through a traditional pharmacy or through online retailers. If you are finding it difficult to pick the best talking glucose meter, you need to compare the features and price of the meters to choose the best one for you.

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