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Danielle Black

Territory Business Managers

Danielle is a tactful and driven Territory Business Manager with over 15 years of diverse sales experience. She has a proven track record of handling complex customer needs, building lasting relationships, and working with offices to simplify the process of prescribing the latest diabetes care options. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Communication specializing in Socio-cultural Linguistics from University of California, Santa Barbara, Danielle went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Psychology in 2011.  This educational background has helped her to break down barriers and make positive changes as a proactive problem solver during her career.

Danielle’s main professional objective is to provide key solutions which empower patients to better control their diabetes with the latest technology. She has personally seen the difference that CGM and insulin pumps have made in daily care for managing diabetes and strongly believes in the value of what we do here at North Coast Med. In addition to her primary job functions, Danielle has been recognized for her commitment to operational excellence and best in class customer service. Outside of the office Danielle likes to adventure outdoors, often hiking, camping, traveling or spending days at the beach. She is also passionate about volunteering with animal rescue and has adopted both her dog, Sadie, and a giant sulcata tortoise, King Louie through animal rescue.


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