• Doug M.5.0 star rating 4/7/2014 Ok, I see some good reviews and some bad. First, let me say I have just started with this company, but my initial experience has been great! I have been on a pump and CGM system for years. Never have been happy with the device (very inaccurate) and since my pump is almost out of warranty, decided it was time to do some research. After days of investigating, this new device seemed the way to go. After contacting them, they forwarded me to Advanced Diabetes Supply. After I gave them my info and insurance (I have really bad insurance) Nancy got me approved for 100% coverage!! After I expressed concerns about some aspects of the system, she referred me to Rick. Rick is a Type 1 diabetic on a a pump & CGM and a wealth of knowledge!! Loved talking to him, and after almost 3 weeks on my new device, can't say enough good things about it. My relationship with this company has been short, but so far I'm impressed! I'll keep all up to date on ordering supplies!!
  • Leroy TI just wanted to let everyone there (ADS) know that you are one of the best suppliers. I now have to get my supplies from another company and I don't like them at all. I was on hold with the other company for over 2 hours and didn't even get my questions answered. I want to applaud ADS for being efficient, prompt, and overall giving me a pleasant experience every time I call.  
  • Mary G.Please let everyone at ADS know that you are the best company I've ever spoken to. You're really here to help the patients out and that's why you're different from other companies. You also have great customer service and I will let my friends know about you.  
  • Karen C.I just wanted to mention that I wanted to switch to Advanced Diabetes Supply from another company because I was not happy with their service and I was so surprised and happy on how fast you responded to my diabetic needs that I'm returning the supplies that I just received from the other company and would love to come on service with ADS based on how honest and efficient you were with getting my order ready.  
  • Wife of Warren H.I wanted to call in to say you are always very nice and pleasant. Always accomodating to your patients. You always leave detailed messages and follow up where needed in a timely manner. I truly do appreciate you and thank you so very much. You are doing a great job, keep it up!  
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