The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland released an interesting piece of news. It was done in conjunction with the University College Cork’s Sociology Department and focused on recent type 1 diabetes research. According to the Ireland-based healthcare professionals’ research, there are several factors that cause young people afflicted with type 1 diabetes (Type 1 Diabetes Test) to become stressed. They also found that those factors may be mitigated by providing type 1 diabetes sufferers with access to clinical and social support as well as educational materials.

It isn’t the first time that type 1 diabetes test or research has indicated as such either. An article appeared in an issue of Diabetes Spectrum. The article focused on the results of a study supported by the University of Melbourne. It too indicated that those with type 1 diabetes crave support from their peers.

Thankfully, there is a multitude of ways that those diagnosed with type 1 diabetes can find support. One of them is to participate in reputable online and offline groups. For example, the American Diabetes Association hosts an online forum for those with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. They also provide visitors with the information needed to make contact with off-line support groups located all across the country. Those that prefer using mobile apps to communicate have options as well. A few of the mobile apps that type 1 diabetics and their physicians may find useful are Glucose Buddy and MyCareConnect.

In addition to online/offline support groups and mobile apps, there is a plethora of clinical information available to type 1 diabetes patients too. For example, there are websites such as ours that offer visitors access to educational materials, resources and type 1 diabetes testing. Furthermore, complimentary A/V materials and downloads may also be obtained through organizations like the American Association of Diabetes Educators.