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Learn more about the ADS Group’s commitment to Better Service, Better Care.

The Advanced Diabetes Supply Group

In 2021, US MED® joined Advanced Diabetes Supply (ADS) as members of the Advanced Diabetes Supply group of companies, adding unprecedented efficiency, payor coverage, and flexibility nationwide.

This has further strengthened our commitment to providing the highest quality diabetic care to our valued customers, and we look forward to continuing to innovate and improve as we move forward together.

Accredited by NABP, ACHC, and URAC

Both US MED and ADS are accredited to operate nationwide as durable medical equipment
(DME) providers and licensed online and mail order pharmacies.

Bi-Coastal Customer Support Locations


Q: What is the relationship between US MED and ADS?
A: US MED and ADS are both sister brands with common ownership.

Q: Why did you bring these brands together?

    Bringing these two incredible diabetes supply companies together allows us to better serve our customers through technology improvements, better payor coverage, process optimizations, more warehouse locations, and operations on both coasts. Both brands have great operations and a focus on outstanding customer service and bringing them together will strengthen our commitments to Better Service, Better Care.

Q: Will one of these brands go away?
    No. Both US MED and ADS have built great reputations over the past 20+ years, and our goal is to continue to operate and grow both brands.

Q: Is there a difference between US MED and ADS? Which one is better for me?
    You are in great hands with either one. Both US MED and ADS are top-rated diabetes equipment suppliers with over 20 years of experience each. In some cases, based on the insurance plan, product, or other servicing factors, we may refer your request to either US MED or ADS. Regardless of which location provides your supplies, you will get outstanding customer service and our dedication to your satisfaction.

Q: Do you both accept the same insurance plans?
    In most cases, yes, but there are exceptions. We’re working diligently on this, but with thousands of insurance plans across the nation, it takes time. If there are gaps or differences in coverage, we may refer your request to one or the other brand to ensure you receive your supplies as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Q: I like the service you give me. Will it change?
    If anything, our service will get even better. By learning from each other, we’re adopting the best tools, technology, processes, and ideas from both brands, so we can continue to improve.