Prescriber Professionals.

HEALTHCARE PARTNERS: CMS has temporarily waived its face to face requirement to qualify for CGM and ADS can accept telehealth visits and medical record documentation that follow the current CMS criteria

Advanced Diabetes Supply® is a specialized pharmacy and Accredited Durable Medical Provider that provides diabetes testing supplies, continuous glucose monitoring, insulin pumps and supplies, as well as other various diabetes products.

ADS has a dedicated team of professionals to support Endocrinology, Internal Medicine, and Family Practice Offices. We can also work closely with Home Health Care Agencies, Diabetes Education Centers and other organizations that serve the diabetes population.

 If you would like more information about about our company, please fill out the contact form so that we can have one of our representatives reach out to you to provide a customized solution for your diabetes population.

Putting Patients & Healthcare Professionals First

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Experience the difference by contacting our contracting team at 1-760-579-7202 to discuss details of a partnership and/or refer a patient.

Committed To A Partner Centric Service Ethos.

We have found that the focus and prioritization of our Healthcare Partner’s needs facilitates all we do and those we service.  With years of experience in customizing follow-up workflows, our partners value our approach.  Customized real time feeds and documents, referral based surveys, live connects for those needing follow-up care, we are innovators in the industry with value add solutions.

Customized Workflows.

Our partners have varying internal workflows, we accommodate their needs by establishing work flows, reminder / communication systems and reference materials that meet their needs. By adapting to meet our provider’s needs our entire service process is enhanced and streamlined, meeting our partner’s needs and in turn better servicing our patients.

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Creative Solutions.

We are often presented with particular obstacles or initiatives that our Partner network is trying to achieve.  At Advanced Diabetes Supply® we work hand in hand with our partners to help them accomplish these initiatives.  Strengthening our partner’s capacity to complete these initiatives is capability we are proud to deliver on.