Healthcare Professionals.

HEALTHCARE PARTNERS: CMS has temporarily waived its face to face requirement to qualify for CGM and ADS can accept telehealth visits and medical record documentation that follow the current CMS criteria

Dedicated Follow-Up & Follow-Through

With a reputation for effective communication, excellent follow-up and customized solutions, our partner centric service ethos caters to our Healthcare Partners ensuring to meet their needs as a priority.  Thousands of healthcare professionals nationwide refer their patients to Advanced Diabetes Supply as a result to our commitment to follow-up.  Our industry partners appreciate our status updates, appreciate the level of thoroughness and accuracy with which we deliver information and details to our patients who appreciate our dedication to service and consistently communicate their desire to have their patients work with us.

Experience the difference by contacting our contracting team at 1-760-579-7202 to discuss details of a partnership and/or refer a patient by:

Phone: 866-422-4866
Fax: 800-503-6280

Providing Benefits That Other Providers Don’t

New meters and extra meters provided at no charge with no questions asked.  Many members need an extra meter for work, school or because they lost or dropped their meter. We happily give a new meter for any reason.

These issues make their supply fall short from their initial fill date.  We give complimentary test strips to help them make the most of their order.  Our concern is for the patient and their compliance and we understand that if the physician orders three test readings per day, many patients will need more than 3 test strips to accomplish that.

A flexible philosophy putting patients and healthcare professionals first.  Flexible in our services with the ability to customize services to accommodate the requests of healthcare professionals and patients with a highly authoritative provider who can meet your needs.