About Us.

Industry Expertise Since 2002

Advanced Diabetes Supply®, located in Carlsbad, California, was founded in 2002, and is a leading national distributor of Durable Medical Equipment specializing in diabetes supplies. ADS holds the most valued accreditations in the diabetes supply industry. In 2021, ADS’s commitment to accessibility and customer service was expanded by adding US MED (United States Medical Supply) to the ADS group of companies.  The ADS Supply Group’s vision is to be the nation’s premier diabetes equipment supplier by wowing our customers and providing best-in-class service to patients, prescribers, and caretakers.  Our national footprint gives us unprecedented efficiency, payor coverage, and flexibility.  Our commitment to service, convenience, and operational excellence, makes us proud to be:
  • The #1 distributor for FreeStyle Libre systems nationwide
  • The #1 specialty distributor for Omnipod Dash
  • The #1 fastest growing Tandem distributor nationwide
  • The #1 rated distributor in Dexcom customer satisfaction surveys
  • The #1 in Google and Facebook customer ratings among large, national diabetes DMEs

Advanced Diabetes Supply® Group Philosophy

Advanced Diabetes Supply® is focused on developing an engaged and knowledgeable team that can provide our customers and partners with consistent quality care.  Advanced Diabetes Supply® employs over 900 representatives dedicated to leading our industry with innovation, knowledge and an unparalleled commitment to exceeding service standards.

ADS New Hires


Mark Howard and Tim Cady founded Advanced Diabetes Supply© with an end goal of creating an organization that would lead the diabetes industry with diligence and persistence, pioneering efforts to deliver an innovative, refined, quality service experience in the DME diabetes supply space.  Dedicated to being the first in the nation to obtain the National DMEPOS accreditation with the National Association of the Boards of Pharmacy Advanced Diabetes Supply® set the pace.  The years since our founding have brought impactful industry shifts that have highlighted Advanced Diabetes Supply®’s resilience resulting from their founders’ dedication to innovation, knowledge and exceeding service standards.

Our Mission

To provide a best-in-class experience for our customers and healthcare partners, via our commitment to service, convenience and operational excellence.

Our Vision

To be the nation’s premier diabetes equipment supplier.

Our Core Values

We Grow Together—

We never stop learning, improving, and growing. The strength of our team is in the strength of   each of our team members. In showing dedication to our individual and collective growth, the sky is the limit in what we can achieve together.

We Care—

We are people helping people. We are here because we care.  We care about our customers,   our colleagues, our partners, and the important work we do every day. Put simply, people who care are good.

We Obsess Over the Customer Experience—

  We always seek to make “good” into “great”. We put our customers at the center of everything   we do, and never stop seeking ways to improve every aspect of their experience with us.

We Commit—

  Our commitment drives action, which drives results.  When we set a goal, we do not take   achieving the goal lightly.  We work together, and do all we can to crush it.   Our Attitude Determines our Success.


  In everything we do, we aim to be legendary. We want to delight our customers and blow away   the expectations of partners, providers, and colleagues.