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Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor

Diabetes Health & Questions To Ask Your Doctor

Knowing what questions to ask your doctor will help you better manage your blood sugar Glucose levels, and that will help you to prevent the onset of health problems that are often associated with diabetes. Following are questions you may want to ask your doctor at your next visit. You may even want to bring this list and a notepad with you.

  1. How often, and under what conditions, should I test my Blood Sugar Glucose Levels? What should I do with the results? What patterns should I try to achieve?
  2. What is my HbA1c? (HbA1c is the test that measures your average blood glucose level over the last 3 months.)
  3. How can I get my HbA1c into the normal range?
  4. What effect has diabetes had on my eyes, kidneys, and feet?
  5. Do I have microalbuminuria (the detection of tiny amounts of albumin in urine indicating early kidney disease) as a result of my diabetes?
  6. How should I take care of my feet?
  7. When should I meet with a dietitian to review what I eat?
  8. What exercises are best for me? What adjustments to my food or insulin should I make if I plan to exercise?
  9. What should my family and friends do if my blood sugar drops so low that I need their help?
  10. Are there any diabetes support groups I can attend in my area?