FreeStyle Libre 3 has the worlds smallest sensor;
as small as two stacked pennies!
A comparison chart of the FreeStyle Libre 3 and the FreeStyle Libre 2

FreeStyle Libre 3: Sensor + App, Size: 21x2.9mm, One piece applicator, Real-time glucose reading sent every minute to smartphone

FreeStyle Libre 2: Sensor + Reader, Size: 30x5mm, Two piece applicator, Scan to see glucose readings

Abbott® FreeStyle Libre 3 System

The FreeStyle Libre 3 system is Abbott’s most advanced continuous glucose monitor (CGM) system for people with type 1 and 2 diabetes. Like the FreeStyle Libre 2 system, the FDA has approved this system for use by people with diabetes aged four and younger. However, the FreeStyle Libre 3 system introduces features like the smallest CGM sensor ever made* and scan-free glucose updates on compatible smartphones.

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With the FreeStyle Libre 3 system, you can reduce your reliance on painful fingerprick tests. When you start using this system, you’ll get accurate updates‡ on your glucose levels whenever you need them.

These functions are also available on Abbott’s previous CGM systems, but the FreeStyle Libre 3 system adds some exciting new glucose tracking features to the mix. You’ll also enjoy wearing a sensor that’s about as small and thin as two stacked pennies. And for the first time in a FreeStyle Libre system, you won’t have to scan your sensor to get results.

If you have diabetes, you can check and track your glucose levels with the FreeStyle Libre 3 system. CGM systems like the FreeStyle Libre 3 system cannot completely eliminate your need for fingerprick tests, but they can allow you to do fewer tests per day.

Failure to use FreeStyle Libre 2 or FreeStyle Libre 3 systems as instructed in labeling may result in missing a severe low or high glucose event and/or making a treatment decision, resulting in injury. If glucose alarms and readings do not match symptoms or expectations, use a fingerstick value from a blood glucose meter for treatment decisions. Seek medical attention when appropriate or contact Abbott at 855-632-8658 or for safety info.

Is The FreeStyle Libre 3 System Available?

Starting in the summer of 2022, you can purchase the FreeStyle Libre 3 system from ADS.

How Can You Get The FreeStyle Libre 3 System For Free?

Unlike other FreeStyle Libre systems, the FreeStyle Libre 3 system is not covered by Medicare right now. Instead, this product is primarily being sold to commercial customers.

Does The FreeStyle Libre 3 System Include a Reader?

The FreeStyle Libre 3 system does not come with a reader device at launch. That is because the system is designed to be used with a compatible smart device, allowing for a scan-free experience.

How Do I Keep My CGM Sensor From Falling Off?

Cover the sensor with a CGM securement patch like the RIghtCare CGM Patch, made with KT Tape Pro Extreme.

How Long Does It Take The FreeStyle Libre 3 System Sensor To Warm Up?

Much like other FreeStyle Libre sensors, the FreeStyle Libre 3 system’s sensor takes about an hour to warm up.

*Among patient-applied sensors. Data on file, Abbott Diabetes Care

†The FreeStyle Libre 3 cannot completely replace fingerstick tests. These tests are required to confirm any low or high sensor readings and when sensor readings do not match your symptoms.

‡High levels of vitamin C may affect the accuracy of sensor readings. Refer to the FreeStyle Libre 3 user manual for more information.