MiniMed™ 770G Insulin Pump System (Pump Only)

The Medtronic MiniMed™ 770G insulin pump integrates* with the Guardian Connect CGM to create a system that can automatically adjust your basal insulin every 5 minutes.** The SmartGuard™ Technology uses real-time glucose readings from the Guardian sensor to calculate and deliver insulin based on your specific needs. The MiniMed™ 770G insulin pump monitors sugar levels 24/7 and predicts highs and lows in advance.

MiniMed 770G System users may find it easier to stay in range† and reach their target A1C levels.‡

Please call our Customer Care Team at 1-866-422-4866 or fill out the form below to see if you qualify for an insulin pump system with $0 out-of-pocket costs.§

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  • Connects with a compatible smartphone, allowing you to operate the pump and trigger additional insulin doses
  • Pre-programmed basal rates
  • Bolus Wizard™ Feature – Provides automatic bolus calculations or you can choose to bolus manually
  • Approved for individuals ages 2 and older with Type 1 diabetes
  • Color screen with automatic brightness adjustments
  • MiniMed™ Mobile App – View your data from your smartphone
  • Carelink Connect App – Automatically share your data with your physician, family, and caregivers*
  • SmartGuard™ Technology Feature]– when used with optional Guardian Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)
  • Water Resistance – the pump is waterproof up to 12 feet for up to 24 hours

The MiniMed 770G is an advanced insulin pump that, when paired with the Guardian Connect CGM, can automatically deliver background insulin based on your current sensor glucose levels. The closed-loop, integrated system can automatically stop and resume insulin delivery based on your sensor glucose values and low limit.

Is the MiniMed 770G covered by private insurance or Medicare?

Yes, if prescribed by your physician and meeting the following requirements:

– Testing glucose an average of 4 times per day with a blood glucose meter or a continuous glucose monitor

– Purchasing insulin through insurance or Medicare Part B (durable medical equipment coverage)

Are there special concerns for taking care of the MiniMed 770G pump?

Yes, the pump is not waterproof so it is recommended to keep the buttons facing away from your skin or stored in a pouch while exercising. Additionally, use the side pad of your finger (not your fingernail) when using the buttons on your pump.

Who do I contact if my MiniMed 770G pump clip breaks?

Contact Medtronic directly through their site. Typically a replacement is provided at no additional charge.

How do I insert my MiniMed infusion set?

Please download the insertion guide here.

* Automated sharing available when linked to healthcare provider’s account.

** Refers to SmartGuard™ Auto Mode. Some user interaction required. Individual results may vary.

†Battelino T, Conget I, Olsen B, et al. The use and efficacy of continuous glucose monitoring in type 1 diabetes treated with insulin pump therapy: a randomized controlled trial. Diabetologia. 2012;55:3155–3162.

‡Doyle EA, Weinzimer SA, Steffen AT, Ahern JAH, Vincent M, Tamborlane WV. A randomized prospective trial comparing the efficacy of insulin pump therapy with multiple daily injections using insulin glargine. Diabetes Care. 2004;27( 7 ):1554–1558.

§For qualified persons with applicable in-network insurance and subject to CGM coverage requirements. Deductibles, co-pays, and other conditions apply. Speak to an ADS representative and your insurance company to confirm your coverage and costs.