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Diabetes Testing Supplies And Acute MI: What You Don’t Know Could Be Deadly

Diabetes Testing Supplies And Acute MI: What You Don’t Know Could Be Deadly

The news was released about a recent study that reconfirmed the association between diabetes testing and acute myocardial infarction (Acute MI Treatment). The study in question was conducted in the U.S. and presented at the American Heart Association’s highly coveted, 2014 Quality of Care and Outcomes Research Scientific Sessions. Included with the news was a bit of new advice for clinicians.

That advice involves encouraging healthcare professionals to run A1C tests on their cardiac patients, regardless of the patients’ family histories. As many diagnosed diabetics may know, the test is designed to ascertain a person’s blood sugar levels. And unchecked blood sugar increases are known to have an adverse effect on a person’s heart as well as other bodily systems. Those adverse effects may also eventually lead to premature death.

In a separate study that was released by the American Diabetes Association, there is another sign of impending problems that clinicians should be looking for too. It’s inflammation. Inflammation markers have been associated with both diabetes and cardiac problems. So clinicians should consider performing tests to check patients’ C-reactive protein and erythrocyte sedimentation rate too.

For those that have already been diagnosed with cardiac or inflammation problems, diabetes testing supplies may need to become a part of their lives sooner rather than later. History has shown that because the two morbidities are associated with one another, it’s best to start monitoring for the development of diabetes as soon as possible.

Similar may be said for people who are diagnosed with diabetes first. They may want to speak with their family physician about undergoing creatine kinase, myoglobin, cardiac troponin and creatine kinase-MB testing. All four tests have widely been proven to be helpful at detecting the early stages of heart disease.

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