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Living With Erectile Dysfunction

Living With ED

All of you men out there who have recently diagnosed with erectile dysfunction (Diabetes Erectile Dysfunction) are undoubtedly worried about their condition. Many questions may be running through your mind as well. For example: what do I do? What should I tell my partner? Is this the end of my love life? Is there anything I can do to help my condition? These and many other questions can be answered in the following paragraphs. By the end of this article, many men out there will be able to sleep a little better at night knowing that they can easily live with their erectile dysfunction.

Educate Yourself

One important thing that men can do that will not only help them but their partner as well is to educate themselves about erectile dysfunction. Although men who have been diagnosed with ED know that it is simply the inability for a man to maintain an erection that is efficient enough for satisfying sexual urges. However, there is so much more to be learned about erectile dysfunction. By taking the time to educate yourself about ED, not only can you learn about the dysfunction itself but you will be able to learn what causes ED and methods that can be used to treat ED.


One method that can be used to treat erectile dysfunction is various types of medications. There are many different over-the-counter medications that you can use; however, many of these treatments prove to be ineffective. On the other hand, though, you could always visit your primary doctor to discuss your options. There are several examples of prescription medications such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Many of these medications have proven to be incredibly effective. To reap the benefits of many of these excellent treatments, make an appointment with your family doctor immediately.


Whether pills are not exactly the type of treatment you had in mind or the medication you’ve tried isn’t effective, you’re undoubtedly looking for a form of treatment that does work for you. Another example of a treatment method that you may want to consider is the erectile dysfunction vacuum therapy pump. A VCD is simply a device that consists of an acrylic cylinder that is attached to the head of the penis; a constriction band is then applied at the other end of the cylinder. The cylinder and the pump are then used to create a vacuuming effect which causes the penis to become erect. These pumps can be purchased at your local drug store. These pumps can also be prescribed by your primary doctor.

As you can tell, with the correct equipment and an adequate amount of education, you will be able to successfully live a full and romantic life with erectile dysfunction. If you have any questions or concerns about erectile dysfunction, please feel free to contact us.