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Should Super-Sized Coffee Be Added To Our Diabetes Testing Supplies List?

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It’s hot, tastes good and has been consumed by people since the 15th Century. But is coffee something that people should add to their list of diabetes testing supplies? Well according to some medical researchers, the answer to that inquiry is “Yes!” You can check out two of the 2014 coffee studies for yourself. One was published in the February 2014 issue of the American Diabetes Association’s periodical, Diabetes Care. The other appeared in an April 2014 issue of Diabetologia. Both indicated that coffee consumption has the potential to alter a person’s type 2 diabetes risk. They weren’t the only type 2 diabetes studies to have ever indicated as much either. Similar assertions were made in a 2012 issue of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

At this point, the collective research seems to suggest that the lignans, magnesium and phenolic compounds inherent in the popular beverage might be the reasons why it has a significant impact on a person’s type 2 diabetes risk. All three elements are said to influence glucose metabolism, which is at the heart of diabetes management. After all, we do use diabetes testing supplies to keep track of our blood glucose levels right?

We should also mention that the collection of research on the topic leads readers to believe that consuming somewhere between two and six 8-ounce cups of black coffee a day should suffice. All the flavored syrups, creams, sugars and other additives that people use in their cup of Joe should be avoided. That’s because they clearly have the potential to negatively affect one’s waistline, oral health and diabetes management efforts.

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