Being diabetic in our day and age is no longer life altering. But the constant need to always have your diabetes testing supplies, can complicate your life. The constant need to prick your finger, check your levels, and watch what you eat can sometimes be enough to ruin a nice day out.

So why are you adding frustrations by running the risk of forgetting your blood test supplies? There are a few memory tricks you can use to help take those all too important items off of your mind and ensure you always have them handy. Even when you scurry away on a last minuet daycation, or outing.

Trick one, write it on the back of your hand. You are either the driver or the passenger in a car (is there any other position?) and you are very likely going to look at your hands when getting in or positioned within a car. This should occur moments before the car is started. You will see your note to not forget your supplies and have a moment of instant recall. If you forgot them, it is no big deal to run back inside quickly.

Trick two, set an alarm on your phone with a reminder of getting your items. In general I would do this with the first step. Your alarm is likely going to be annoying and hard to miss.

Trick three, after your last check put your meter and any non perishable supply as near to your keys or shoes as you can. Even if you put it in your shoe, you will notice it when you put them on. This is about the most fool proof of the three tricks.

In general, forgetting your meter or other supplies can be a costly mistake. Don’t be left out of summer fun simply because you are diabetic. With a few tricks, you should be ready to enjoy summer.