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Type 1 Diabetes Testing And First Year Nutrition: What’s The Connection?

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Do you have a history of type 1 diabetes in your family? Are you currently expecting a baby as well? If so, you may want to take a look at the last few issues of the Journal of the American Medical Association’s respected periodical, JAMA Pediatrics. The Type 1 Diabetes Test for your child.

In recent months, they have published studies that focus on infants’ diets, breastfeeding, heredity, and the development of type 1 diabetes. One of the studies took a look at whether or not there is a correlation between the introduction of solid foods and diabetes. The other study shined light on how an infant’s diet can impact its cognition later in life.

According to the first study, infants that were fed a diet of formula, fruit, rice, and oats in the first 4 months of life were more apt to develop the disease than others. It also indicated that pairing breast milk with the foods may also help stave off the disease as time goes on.

The second study indicated that infants who were fed breast milk for the first year of life had a better chance of achieving higher cognitive levels during their formative years. This appeared to especially be the case if the mother ate fish on a weekly basis.

Thus, you may want to consider talking to your child’s pediatrician about when to start introducing various solid foods and engaging in type 1 diabetes test. It would also undoubtedly be wise to discuss your post-pregnancy diet with your OBGYN and lactation consultant. He or she may be able to make dietary recommendations based on your family’s medical history and any genetic markers that may be present in your infant son or daughter.