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Type 1 Diabetes Testing And Gluten Free Diets: Can They Work Together?

Type 1 Diabetes Testing And Gluten Free Diets: Can They Work Together

For years, people have been searching for solutions to the world’s type 1 diabetes problem. It has lead to all sorts of conjecture as to which combination of actions can prevent, slow down or stop the disease from impacting individual’s lives. The most recent combination to be discussed is type 1 diabetes testing and gluten free diets.

Two articles appeared on the topic in January 2014. Both were based on recent research results and published in prestigious medical journals. One of the articles can be found in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology. The other was published by Renal and Urology News. Together, they indicate that inflammation, including that due to gluten intolerance, may spur the disease’s progression. As such, they’ve led some to develop the hypotheses that adopting a gluten free diet and engaging in aggressive, early type 1 diabetes testing routines may be a smart way to proceed in combating the disease.

A gluten free diet, as you may already know, is frequently associated with Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity. Both conditions can be problematic in their own right. They are normally diagnosed using a battery of tests and procedures. Among them are a standard endoscopy, a series of blood draws, an extensive review of the patient’s history, genetic testing and capsule endoscopy. As far as the blood draws go, physicians generally screen for such things as deaminated gliadin peptides, endomysial antibodies, tissue transglutaminase antibodies and total serum levels.

Type 1 diabetes testing, on the other hand, tends to involve screening for other things. The list includes fasting blood sugar levels, glycated hemoglobin percentages and random blood sugar tests. With the recent suggestion of a connection to gluten sensitivity, type 1 diabetes testing methods may expand to include the procedures we mentioned previously.

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