It has long been known that obesity and type 1 diabetes go together hand in hand, but a new study conducted by Austrian researchers has brought the topic back into sharp focus. They looked closely at children and adolescents with the disease to determine which specific factors contribute towards their weight gain. What they found […]

For years, many Americans have lived with the misguided notion that it is better to eat a series of small meals each day as opposed to three large ones. In May 2014, more information was released that further disproves the age-old myth. Only this time, the researchers involved looked directly at the relationship between meal […]

It’s hot, tastes good and has been consumed by people since the 15th Century. But is coffee something that people should add to their list of diabetes testing supplies? Well according to some medical researchers, the answer to that inquiry is “Yes!” You can check out two of the 2014 coffee studies for yourself. One […]

In early April 2014, an article appeared in the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics that caught our eye. It shined a spotlight on a recent ketoacidosis study and diabetes testing supplies. We found it interesting for several reasons, the subject matter being one of them. The ketoacidosis study focused on youth that were […]

Every year, an estimated 24,000 diabetics experience blindness due to their condition. That number doesn’t even take into account those with minor to moderate vision loss. Once those numbers are factored into the equation, it becomes easy to see why diabetes is one of leading causes of vision impairment in America. It’s also why companies […]

For many individuals, night sweats are a common occurrence. Depending on the individual, the incidents could be caused by any number of things, including hypoglycemia. The good news is there are devices and diabetes testing supplies that diabetics may use to help get their night sweats under control. Hypoglycemia sleep alarms are one type of […]

When it comes to monitoring their health, many diabetics opt to choose retractable, single-use lancets because of the benefits involved. In general, such lancing devices reduce the person’s risk of falling victim to infectivity and experiencing great pain. They also tend to minimize the risk of reading errors and sustaining fingerpick injuries. One company that […]

For a person living with diabetes, having a blood glucose meter is essential to manage ones condition. Blood glucose levels can be affected by a number of factors, including exercise, food, medications, and stress. The meter works by inserting a test strip in the device. One then pricks a finger to draw a drop of […]

Avocado History: On May 15, 1915, in the posh new Hotel Alexandria in Los Angeles, a cadre of California farmers gathered to decide the fate of a new crop. The ahuacate, a pebbly-skinned, pear-shaped fruit, had been a staple food in Mexico, and Central and South America since 500 B.C. In the 16th century, Spanish […]

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