Eversense®Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)

For people with diabetes aged 18 and over, the Eversense continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system can help make diabetes management more effortless. It’s also a long-lasting option for managing diabetes. This system is the world’s first long-term CGM option, with a sensor lifespan of up to 90 days.

Along with its under-skin sensors, the Eversense CGM system includes a rechargeable, removable smart transmitter and an app for smart devices.

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  • Sensors can be worn for up to 90 days
  • Accurate even while patients take acetaminophen and vitamin C
  • Can detect 95% of hypoglycemic events/99% of hyperglycemic events
  • Offers vibration-based alerts

The Eversense makes it easier for people with diabetes to track their glucose levels. It cannot replace fingerstick testing entirely, but it can help reduce the number of tests you’ll need to do.

Like other CGM systems, the Eversense lets people who have diabetes monitor their glucose levels without fingerstick tests.* You’ll benefit from accurate readings† and regular updates while using this system.

However, the Eversense also stands out from the crowd thanks to a few unique features. Unlike “standard” CGM systems, this system’s sensors can stay in place for up to 90 days. That means you’ll need to change sensors just four times each year! Along with this, the Eversense is the only CGM with on-body vibration alerts for blood glucose swings.

Before using your Eversense CGM system, refer to the official website for this product for important safety information.

A series of videos created to help people get started with the Eversense is available online.

What Makes Eversense Different From Other CGMs?

The Eversense CGM system’s under-skin sensor incorporates “fluorescence technology.” Because of this advanced technology, its sensors are capable of functioning for months at a time.

How Do I Apply An Eversense Sensor?

Unlike many other CGM systems, patients do not apply their Eversense sensors. Instead, you will need to have your sensor inserted by a healthcare professional.

How Long Does Eversense Sensor Insertion Take?

According to Eversense’s website, this process should take roughly 15 minutes to complete.

How Often Does Eversense Update Glucose Levels?

This system captures glucose information once every five minutes.

Is The Eversense Transmitter Waterproof?

The smart transmitter used in the Eversense CGM system is water-resistant. Users can safely submerge their transmitters in one meter of water for up to half an hour.

Can The Eversense Send Me Smart Device Alarms?

Can The Eversense Send Me Smart Device Alarms?

Will My Smart Device Be Able To Run The Eversense App?

For compatibility information, please refer to Eversense’s page on this topic.