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Diabetes Testing Supplies’ News: Artificial Pancreas Device Given The Green Light

Diabetes Testing Supplies’ News: Artificial Pancreas Device Given The Green Light

National headlines were filled with news about recent advancements in the treatment of diabetes (Artificial Pancreas Device System). It was an advancement that those in the healthcare industry have been fervently working on for years. The diabetes treatment making all of the recent headlines is Medtronic’s APDS, also known as the MiniMed530G.

It is an artificial pancreas device system that the company finally received partial U.S. FDA approval on in September. The approval enables the system to be used with adult populations. The company is hoping to expand upon that approval in the future to include juveniles under the age of 16. At this point, the product itself is anticipated to be available for purchase in the coming weeks.

The company’s new system consists of a CGM integrated insulin pump that has been outfitted with a hypersensitive glucose sensor, bolus wizard, automatic alerts, and a preset, threshold suspension feature. Because of those features, it is said to be helpful for maintaining blood sugar levels during non-waking hours. In addition, the APDS is designed to be used with CareLink software and Bayer’s CONTOUR NEXT LINK. Those systems, in case you are not familiar with them, are partially designed to foster communication between healthcare providers and diabetes patients. We should also mention that the new Medtronic system is said to be appropriate for use with certain type 1 and type 2 diabetics.

Prior to the company’s APDS invention, type 2 diabetics commonly used insulin delivery systems like the V-Go. It is a disposable system that is capable of being repositioned every 24 hours. Furthermore, it offers users access to on-demand mealtime bolus dosing and a preset basal rate. The costs of purchasing either the MiniMed530G or V-Go may be covered by private and government insurances. For more diabetes testing supplies and equipment please call The ADS Customer Care Team today.