An article appeared in the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics that caught our eye. It shined a spotlight on a recent Diabetic ketoacidosis study and diabetes testing supplies. We found it interesting for several reasons, the subject matter being one of them.

The ketoacidosis study focused on youth that were diagnosed with diabetes and how important early detection can be in regards to overall health outcomes. What the study’s team found was that many people are not familiar with the condition or the diabetes testing supplies that may be used to help detect it before the person’s health deteriorates.

For those that find themselves unfamiliar with the diabetes-related health condition, it’s important to become more informed. That’s because diabetic ketoacidosis may quickly impact type 1 and type 2 diabetics of all ages with deadly consequences.

Just in case you are wondering, it tends to occur in several situations, one of which involves an insulin imbalance. The imbalance causes the body to produce what’s known as ketones. They are organic compounds that eventually make their way into a person’s bladder and urinary track.

Once they appear, the affected person will likely experience a cavalcade of unpleasant health problems. The severity of which is related to the amount of ketones involved. The list of problems includes, but is not restricted to, extreme lethargy, intense thirst, impaired vision, mental confusion and respiratory distress.

The good news is diabetes testing supplies, like boxes of Nova Max® Plus Ketone Test Strips, may help detect the condition before many of those signs and symptoms start to appear. The strips are typically used in conjunction with other diabetes testing and management supplies. To learn more about ketoacidosis and the diabetes testing supplies that may be used to help prevent the negative health outcomes associated with it, please contact us toll-free at .