Omnipod® 5 Automated Insulin Delivery System

Take your insulin delivery to the next level with the Omnipod® 5 Automated Insulin Delivery System.

This product builds on the tubeless insulin delivery offered by its predecessor, the popular Omnipod DASH Insulin Management System – both systems include a Pod worn on your body that can deliver continuous insulin for up to three days. However, the Omnipod 5 is fully automated and compatible with the Dexcom® G6 Continuous Glucose Monitor System, allowing people with diabetes to avoid highs and lows like never before.*

Like the Omnipod DASH system, the Omnipod 5 relies on a tubeless, waterproof† Pod for insulin delivery. But now, your Pod can make changes to your insulin delivery rate as needed, thanks to SmartAdjust™ technology. And for maximum convenience, you’ll be able to control the Omnipod 5 with a compatible smartphone.‡

The best place to get your Omnipod 5 system is ADS. Please call our Customer Care Team at 1-866-422-4866 or fill out the form below to see if you qualify for an insulin management system with $0 out-of-pocket costs.

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