Simple Diagnostics Lancet Device

Simple Diagnostics Lancet Device

The Simple Diagnostics Lancing Device has 5 depth adjustments which allows you control over what insertion depth you want to use. Step by step instructions are provided with the lancing device in order to educate you in how to attain capillary blood samples.  With precision penetration and a body that’s easy to grip, the Simple Diagnostics Lancing Device provides adjustability, comfort and ease. Chosen by glucose meter manufacturers globally for its easy blood sampling for blood glucose testing.

Each pack comes with one E-Z pull and click style lancing device.

This re-usable lancing device assists in obtaining capillary blood samples for testing. The Simple Diagnostics Lancet Device is constructed of durable plastics for precision lancing.

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Adjustable tip allows precise customization of lancet penetration that works with industry standard lancets. High-quality construction made of durable plastics, the lancing device chosen by glucose meter manufacturers worldwide.