TRUEplus Lancets

TRUEplus Lancets

TRUEplus Lancets are easy to use, single use lancets that fit most lancing devices. The tri-beveled and precision cut needle allows for a more comfortable experience when using your lancet device. The bottom edge of the lancet is tapered which makes insertion and removal smooth as can be.

Each pack comes with 100 28 gauge sterile lancets.

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A Thin Tip That Provides Less Painful Penetration During Testing. Trueplus Lancets Need Only A Tiny Blood Sample, So You Don’T Need To Penetrate Deeply When Drawing Blood. Universal Design Sterile Single Use Lancets.

This Product Features: Ultra fine tri-bevel point
28 Gauge Fingertip or alternate site
Universal design fits most lancing devices
Sterile tip Single use lancets
100 Sterile Safety Seal Lancets per box Use Nipro Diagnostics, Inc. single-use sterile lancets with any of our meters including but not limited to: TRUEresult TRUE2go TRUEtrack TRUEbalance TRUEread Sidekick