A front-facing image of the OmniPod® DASH Insulin Management System

The OmniPod® DASH Insulin Management System

Comprised of just two simple parts the Omnipod DASH® Insulin Management System truly simplifies insulin delivery. The wearable device – called a Pod – sits on the body and delivers non-stop and on-demand insulin for up to 72 hours. How? Through the second part of the DASH system, the PDM, or Personal Diabetes Manager which signals your Pod. Your first order of Pods will include the PDM free of charge.

Users enjoy that this insulin delivery system is tubeless, discrete, and waterproof*! It also takes the guesswork out of dosing with its integrated bolus calculator, presets, and the Calorie King® library of 80,000 foods.

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Tubeless: No more getting tangled in tubes!

Life is busy – this Pod saves you time: On-the-go insulin delivery for you, for your child, for your parent, whenever/wherever!

Waterproof*: Allows for regular activities, like showering, exercising, even swimming!

No more daily insulin injections: With 72 hours of insulin contained in one pod, say goodbye to painful daily injections.

Technology: Your PDM will connect to WiFi and automatically apply any software updates.

The OmniPod Insulin Management System allows people with diabetes type one or two to benefit from automatic insulin delivery. Along with the system’s pump (or “Pod”), users can control their insulin delivery and adjust settings with their Personal Diabetes Manager.

What Kind Of Insulin Does The OmniPod DASH Use?

The Insulet OmniPod DASH system is designed to be used with rapid-acting insulin. Analogs such as NovoLog/NovoRapid, Humalog, Fiasp and Apidra have been tested for safe use with the OmniPod DASH.

How Much Insulin Does The OmniPod DASH Hold?

The OmniPod DASH pods hold up to 200 units of insulin. You’ll need to fill it with at least 85 units to start operating the system.

How Do I Fill My OmniPod DASH With Insulin?

The OmniPod DASH pods come with a fill needle/syringe you can use to fill a new Pod. OmniPod owners are advised to avoid using other needles or filling devices for this purpose.

Can I Swim/Shower With OmniPod DASH?

The OmniPod DASH Pod has an IP28 rating, and can be submerged for up to 24.93 feet (7.6 meters) for an hour. The OmniPod DASH Personal Diabetes Manager, however, is not waterproof.

How Are The OmniPod And OmniPod DASH Different?

The OmniPod DASH is a more modern option designed with technological advancements in mind. It features a touchscreen, Bluetooth capabilities, and more features.

Is The OmniPod DASH System A CGM?

No, it is an insulin pump. Like the OmniPod, the OmniPod DASH does not include continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) features. The system can be used with external CGM systems.

Which CGM Systems Work With OmniPod DASH?

The OmniPod DASH has iPhone widgets which allows users to see their CGM and insulin delivery together on their personal mobile devices. The DASH system does not integrate however with any specific CGM device such as the Dexcom G6, FreeSyle Libre, and FreeStyle Libre 2.