Diabetes And Insulin Pump Therapy

People with diabetes control their blood glucose (sugar) levels in many different ways. Some people inject insulin, some take oral medications, while others with type 2 diabetes control their diabetes through diet and exercise.

There are some people, however, who choose insulin pump therapy. An insulin pump is about the size of a pager and is usually worn on a belt or carried in a pocket. There is no surgery required to use an insulin pump. The pump holds a syringe of insulin and thin tubing is attached to the end of the syringe. At the end of the tubing is a needle that is easily inserted into the skin near the patient’s stomach.

The pump is programmed to deliver insulin through the tube in the amount that is needed. Your doctor must decide if your diabetes can best be controlled through the use of an insulin pump. Insurance companies also have requirements that must be met before they will pay for the insulin pump. If you think you may be interested in using an insulin pump, talk to your doctor or a diabetes educator.

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