Tips For Choosing The Best Glucose Meter

As diabetes is increasing globally at an exponential rate, you need to start testing your blood glucose levels to manage your diabetes effectively. In 2000, around 171,000,000 people were suffering from diabetes worldwide and it is estimated that by 2030, 366,000,000 people might suffer from diabetes, according to World Health Organization (WHO). Diabetes is caused mainly due to excess sugar intake, obesity and lack of physical activity.

trueresult_thumbAdults with diabetes have heart disease death rates about 2 to 4 times higher than adults without diabetes, according to American Diabetes Association. If you have diabetes, you need to have thebest glucose meter to help you better manage your diabetes by tracking any fluctuations caused by food, medications, exercise, stress and other factors.

As the demand for glucose meter is increasing among people, different types of glucose meters are manufactured. Nowadays, you can find glucose meters ranging from basic models to advanced meters with multiple features, compact design and user-friendly options.

Usually, glucose meters use similar technique to determine the blood glucose level but they might vary in features. To determine the best blood glucose meter, you need to look through a few models and examine its features.

Some simple tips that might help you to determine the best glucose meter are listed below:


Before choosing a blood glucose meter, make sure your insurance provider offers coverage for the specific glucose meter brand you are interested in. Typically, some insurance providers may only offer insurance coverage for specific models or brands and might limit the total number of test strips allowed.

Ease of use and maintenance:

You might have to often use your blood glucose meter to determine the level blood glucose. So, choose a glucose meter that is easy to use and requires less maintenance.


As modern glucose meters are compact in size, they have small display panels to display readings. Usually, people with poor eyesight might not be able to read the recordings properly from such small displays. So, look for a comfortable and convenient display to avoid unnecessary regrets later. If you need to take a reading at dark surroundings, you need to look for glucose meter with backlit display that glows even in poor lighting.


Blood glucose meters are available in a wide range of size, shape and outlook. When choosing a blood glucose meter make sure it fits within your pocket or hand bag with ease.

Advanced Features:

Nowadays, glucose meters are designed with advanced inbuilt features such as large screen, talking meter, colorful meters and backlit display. So, check out the features of a few models to determine the best one.


Finally, you need to compare the price of glucose meters to pick the best blood glucose meter that suits your needs and within your budget.

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